blaty łazienkowe
schody z kamienia
okładziny ścienne
meble z kamienia
meble z kamienia
Stone furniture is a unique product, that likes a lot of our customers. GRANMAR company combine modern technologies and experience to create special concepts for customers. There is no rules and standarts. We use full potencial of our machines and exact hand-work. Every idea is a challange for us, but our experience can make this ideas true.

Well done stone furniture is something really unique, becouse this thing require not only the precision of form, but also the artistic sense and attention to every detail of the project. Skill of connecting correct models and type of stone with wood, glass metal or natural leather is the most important skill in every project.

Basic offer of stone furniture

- Table tops for dinning room, offices, cafes

- Tops for recepcions, bars

- Fronts of kitchen furnitures

- Sinks and bathtubs

- chairs and benches for gardens

- lamps and accessories made of onyx